you say you want a resolution?

The also-rans:

  • clean out the wrapping paper-dust bunny mess under the bed
  • eat more leafy greens
  • eat only locally and seasonally
  • conquer my fear of cell phones
  • conquer my fear of atms
  • conquer my fear of high heels
  • figure out the god thing
  • return to walking every day
  • commit to a three-day meditation retreat (the silent kind)
  • be unapologetic
  • become the gourmet goddess of the grilled cheese sandwich
  • learn how to cast off. really.
  • finish stuff
  • never, ever, ever put anything on Steve’s workbench that doesn’t belong there. I promise.
  • keep my iphoto library better organized
  • put the CDs back in the cases every time
  • be nicer
  • show love
  • floss more
  • accept
  • go to the movies more
  • write more real letters
  • appreciate
  • stop thinking so much
  • purge the unnecessary
  • consider brussel sprouts, beets and swiss chard
  • act on my ideas before they get away
  • try to think of some ideas that don’t require steve’s skills
  • move on

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to you say you want a resolution?

  1. happytheman says:

    Already did #1 which was in the hall closet which you couldn’t find anything. I didn’t realize we had some many gift bags.

    All the CD’s are in Albums with all the plastic taken to be recycled.

    Floss more, and more and more.

    have a happy new year.

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