choosing quiet

Happy New Year. It took us until about 8:45 last night to admit with our outside voices that 2009 wasn’t really all that great. We had some high points…the inauguration, C+C’s wedding, our trip to Maui. But the recession provided an undercurrent of tension that made even the simplest choices stressful. Yes, my simple choices mean do I buy the $8.00 wine, or the $18.00 wine? And do I buy tickets to Maui, or a new dishwasher? I get that. But still, it’s a fine time to say goodbye to 2009.

Steve and I have had many, many New Year’s Eve’s together. I believe all of them included unedited and unrestrained drinking, and many of them included dancing. Some included cousins at the cabin, many included our next door neighbors, the Mansfields. Perhaps the most memorable, 2000 (technically 1999) in Mendocino, swimming with the kids in the indoor pool, jumping out to grab our champagne at midnight. Santa Cruz First Night, and more of them in our slippers, playing games, eating and drinking and belly laughing.  We’ve had quiet nights too, but usually that was because some of us were sick, or we had a big San Francisco event that day, like last year, when we took the girls to see Phantom of the Opera.

Last night we chose quiet. The three of us went to a 4:00 show of Invictus, and we came home and made delicious sandwiches (grilled rye bread, turkey, brie, apple and arugula if you care to be jealous) and a salad with greens from dad’s garden. We drank pear Martinellis. Then Alex went to a freind’s house, and we made a pot of coffee and a fire, and lit every candle in the house and played Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt and brought out the big Scrabble Board. Steve scored a ridiculous 135 point word in the second game. The champagne stayed in the refrigerator, waiting for a time when the flu is a more distant memory.

We sat in front of the fire and ate cupcakes and talked about our year. Steve said he felt old for the first time this year. I said I felt crazy this year. We talked about our disappointments, and what we hoped for in the coming year. It felt good and right, and I was so happy to be right there, sharing my life with this amazing man. Oh, and we kissed. But you knew that.

We stayed up until midnight and chose Anderson Cooper as our Times Square host. Alex came home right after midnight and Toby came downstairs to wish us a Happy New Year.

Not to be smug, but I have made some fine choices. Including last night.

Today…cranberry scones, the Rose Parade and to the grandparents’ to see the San Diego cousins. Perhaps a little wine.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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