the regift report

This year I decided we would add something new in the area of gift-giving, so we attempted white elephanting and regifting. The white elephant thing was ok, but my family isn’t so great at collecting or recognizing crap (or perhaps they weren’t willing to give their crap to others). However, it did yield these two beauts.

The regifting was more thoughtful and wonderful than I could have imagined. I was touched and surprised by the love that was given with the regifts. The rules (or gentle guidelines) were that you had to regift at least one person, but you didn’t have to do everyone (but you could do as man people as you liked) with something you loved, but thought they would enjoy. I tried to instill a no-crap sensibility into this one. I needn’t of worried.

So, I totally scored. My mom gave me my Grandma Jessie’s Christmas cookie platter. Kate gave me a shot glass with the Eiffel Tower, which makes a perfect candle holder on the cookie platter (regifting begets repurposing).

Dad gave Kate this enormous Peruvian poncho he has had for years, and brings out for camping trips. Kate isn’t afraid of much, but this did her in.

Steve gave Alex one of his special edition Rolling Stone magazines, the one celebrating the life of George Harrison. She was thrilled.

My favorite though, was a book called Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare, that Kate gave to Alex. It was originally my mom’s, given to her by her father. It needs a bookbinder, but that fact that Kate was willing to share this treasure with her sister…well, it was a moment.

For the record, my regifts were fine, but not nearly as thoughtful. I gave Kate a wrap I liked, but used as a tablerunner, and a pin made out of a puzzle piece, wire and beads and spray painted gold (She said, “Hey, I think I made this for you in Kindergarten.” She didn’t, I paid actual money for it, but you get the idea.) I gave Dad some CDs, and my mom a glass candle holder.

Next year, we will leave the white elephants at home, but regifting will return, for sure. It provided an opportunity for more storytelling and sharing, which is what we all want at the holidays. Or at least in our home. We may even do regifting only for the adults. I highly, highly recommend a version of this….and if you do decide to take it on, let me know, because I have some lovely, sentimental goggles I can lend you, and I will even make up a story to go with.


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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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