here it is

The kitchen floor tile grout has been scrubbed, with a toothbrush. All of it. The backyard fruit trees have been trimmed. The catchall kitchen cupboard has been cleaned. The CDs have been retrieved from two cars and three rooms and returned to their rightful cases (well, as much as possible). Toby’s muddy paw print detoxification area has been cleaned. Dontcha love holiday prep?

We’re ready.

Also, watched many Christmas movies (plus Julie and Julia with Miss Alex), including my very, very favorite, Prancer (though we let Steve do the crying this year).  Finished knitting a scarf (though Mom will have to cast off for me). Made this yummy dark chocolate mixed nut bark thingie. Ordered crabs for Christmas Eve. Made little greenery arrangements for the house. Smelly cinnamon candle for the guest bathroom (someone, at some moment in the next week will appreciate that). Decided the menus, made the lists, one for each day. Steve did the backyard lights, which I love, love, love. Wrapped. Wrapped more. And more. And listened to Christmas music….Oh, and I made a strata with Italian turkey sausage, mushrooms, onion and spinach and three cheeses that rendered Alex incapable of saying anything at dinner other than “This is really good. Really, really good.”  So that made me feel good. Really, ridiculously good.

We also watched the Survivor finale, and I was surprised but slightly pleased with the outcome. Also surprised and slightly dismayed to realize that was the 19th season, and if I calculated the hours I have spent watching the past 18….perhaps only missing three shows (and never the finale, I always see that) in 18 seasons, well, that’s something we don’t want to do, ok?

Still a bit more on the holiday prep, but I am thinking this is it…we’re on the Christmas runway.

Kate comes home tomorrow. My mom and dad will be here Wednesday. Then, you’d better watch out.


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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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6 Responses to here it is

  1. LisaF says:

    Prancer is an all-time fave of ours too! The original Miracle of 34th Street is another. Sounds like your Christmas pity party has been effectively canceled. 🙂

    I also watched the Survivor finale, all the time thinking none of these three really deserved the money. If one had to win, I guess I’m okay with it being Natalie. The last guy from the jury to comment made a good point about her “strategy.” I really didn’t want Russell to win. Even though he “played” the game effectively, I don’t think you can lie, cheat and steal in any life situation and claim to be a man of integrity, honesty and ethics. But that’s just me.

    Merry Christmas my cyber friend.

  2. kitchendoor says:

    Hee, I still have to scrub the bathroom, toss all the suspicious-looking stuff in my fridge, finish shopping, and THEN pack up to go home. I anticipate needing to crank some Christmas tunes. And, uh, crack open some Christmas beer.

  3. kimtb says:

    Lisa, yup, crazy mommy has left the house. she’s not returning at all this year.
    She did have a last hurrah when she realized Kate was leaving a day earlier than expected, but that was managed within less than 24 hours.

    Survivor was interesting. I went from being horrified at Russell, to almost admiring him for being so non-compromising about being a jerk. And where did Brett come from? So I was ok with Brett or Russell, but then became disgusted again at R.’s lack of remorse, gratitude or humility. And you know, I don’t know if it’s about the million dollars (I have always thought one needed 5 million to be really comfortable). I like that Natalie was ill-prepared for the game, and figured out what to do, and grew during the process. And she was humble and grateful and didn’t take the experience for granted. But don’t you think that sometimes the women look better out in the jungle than they do after they are all cleaned up, made up and sprayed up at the finale?

    And Katie…you know, in California we have that yummy Sierra Nevada, made right up the road from us. Though I am drinking Blue Moon these days, with a slice of orange.

    Safe travels my friend.


  4. nicole says:

    Kim, I’m glad you found your Xmas mojo. I finally got mine last night and I realized what part of the problem was: Until last night, our stereo was on the fritz and I had to listen to Xmas music on my ipod. Once the house was filled with music, I got on the bandwagon and got busy. By the way, for you and your cyber friend who will be traveling: I highly recommend Chris Isaak’s Christmas album, esp track 1. That will get you moving, guaranteed. Also, please to be sharing the strata recipe. Sounds yummy.

  5. kimtb says:

    Nicole, so I have been wanting to thank you for all of your thoughtful comments. This is a funky way to do it, by commenting on my own blog….but I will give you the recipe….I sort of made it up. I have several strata recipes and combined them. I used a full loaf of sourdough bread, and did a first layer, then covered that with a three cheese mixture (don’t tell my gourmetish friends that I bought the already grated Italian cheese at Target, I used almost 2 bags of it) and blobs of low fat cream cheese. I cooked the turkey sausage, mushrooms, onion and spinach and spread half of that on it. Then another layer. I used egg beaters and non fat milk, and I think it was about 8 eggs worth and 2 cups of milk. I know you’re supposed to do cream, but I just couldn’t. Added some dijon mustard and s+P, and let it soak all day. Cooked for an hour at 375. We’re still eating it today, and it’s making us feel all warm and cozy, even at work. I am sure it’s even better with fresher ingredients, but part of this was doing something fast and easy.
    Especially if I can’t be in Egypt, like Miss Eden.

    • nicole says:

      I am going to do this! Happy Holidays, and yes, I’ve been thinking about Eden too and hoping she’s safe and having an adventure. Merry Christmas!

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