christmas treats from my inner non-baker

I don’t bake. At all. I can’t. It requires patience, and the ability to follow directions, and well, it never works out. Which is generally ok with me, except for during the holidays. At first my mother-in-law would bake the cookies, so we could decorate.  And then I discovered Peppermint Bark (recipe follows), and by the way, we discovered it way before anyone else did. It got me through many a cookie exchange party. We had a brief detour to Chocolate Dipped and Sprinkled Pretzels. The year I was seriously into Weight Watchers we made Reindeer Droppings, which was Fiber One cereal in melted chocolate chips. Won’t be repeating that one.

This year Real Simple had a recipe for Chocolate Nut Bark.  Oh my.

The World’s Easiest. This is my second batch. The first I made with dark chocolate chips and more pistachios…and I made it in a cookie sheet, so it was brittely-er. I can’t show it to you because I had to hide it in the back of my freezer. This was Guittards semi sweet chocolate chips, in a cake pan, so a little thicker.  Next year, I am adding cranberries.

How you do it: Melt two packages of chocolate chips in the microwave (stirring every minute). Spread on a cookie sheet (I covered mine in wax paper). Spread the nuts. Stick in the refrigerator. Wait a bit. Break it apart.

Try to keep your family from eating it all. And if you can’t keep them away, go for the attractive holiday packaging, as I did.

* Peppermint Bark Melt a bunch of Andes mints in the microwave. Spread out on a cookie sheet and refrigerate until it hardens. Crush a bunch of peppermint candies  (double baggies and a hammer on the garage floor was our favorite method).  Melt a bunch of white chocolate chips in  the microwave. Spread over the now hardened Andes mints. Sprinkle the crushed peppermints. Stick back in the refrigerator. When it’s hard (about a half hour), break it apart. You will be popular and much loved. And you may even get to have an entry in the elementary school cookbook. And that’s worth something special, my friend.


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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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