same old, same old

Kate and Alex can count on a few of the same gifts every  Christmas. PJs on Christmas Eve, Bath and Body Works stuff, and a small piece of jewelery. Hopefully a few surprises too.  But the whole holiday shebang starts with the ornaments.

Each year we’ve given them an ornament that represents something about their year…the sport or instrument they were playing, where we went on vacation, what role they had in the Davis Children’s Nutcracker* (which explains the Chinese Dancer and, well, the nutcrackers) or just something goofy (which explains the Elvis cow). We always give it to them when we decorate the tree. One year Steve was in San Francisco on a photo shoot right before Christmas and brought home several for each of them (I think they mostly represented Toby).  Of course, they’ve also given ornaments to each other. They each have their own boxes of ornaments, and Kate’s is now overflowing…I’m guessing she has about 30 of her own. They start the tree with their decorations, and we fill in where there is room.

I honestly don’t know if they mean as much to them as they do to me,  if they will be always-treasures, or if they will want to start fresh with their own families (or maybe some of both, sending the Elvis cow to the Christmas Tree Ornament Rest Home).

Last year at World Market I tried to look at a (fragile) glass camera for Kate and started an avalanche of glass ornaments, crashing to the floor. I am afraid to go near their ornament display this year, and was a little anxious about it.

So I was pretty darned excited when I found the PERFECT ornaments at my favorite store, nestware (in my building!). I can’t tell you what they are, since both girls check here….but they are absolutely perfect. This year we’ll decorate without Kate, but the second she gets home, the girls will have their boxes to open.

Let the holidays begin!

*Tuesday, December 11, 2001
‘Nutcracker’ goes buggy
By Jeff Hudson/Enterprise staff writer
Eek, mom!! There are bugs! In “The Nutcracker”!
OK, Tchaikovsky didn’t put them there. But don’t call the exterminator. The new characters in this year’s rendition of the annual “Davis Children’s Nutcracker” are really quite endearing. Think “cute as a bug.” (The Bugs are taking the place of the Treats, who get a rest this year.)
Alex Barbaria, a 7-year-old who attends Pioneer Elementary School, is a caterpillar.
“It’s fun going out on stage. And I like my costume. I get to wiggle! The most fun is doing my dance,” Alex said.


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2 Responses to same old, same old

  1. LisaF says:

    We do PJs on Christmas Eve too! The girls expect them every year. I just have one question. Elvis Cow? Seriously? Grandparents have provided ornaments for the girls every year, and we have quite a few “Elvis Cows” of our own!

  2. kimtb says:

    I don’t know where the Elvis cow came from….I know I didn’t buy it. I think it was Steve in one of his “aren’t I the funny dad” moments. The other Christmas tree thing is that we have a straw angel on the top….we paid 99 cents for her at Cost Plus in San Francisco the first year we were married…she’s 30 years old. She sort of horrifies the girls….they want to know why we can’t upgrade. So each year I look for something just as special…especially when we travel. No go…the straw angel stays.

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