dude, that’s a sick look you have going there

Steve has had the flu all week. Yes, that flu. The one I was prepared for, with three new pair of pajamas, a pile of magazines and plenty of Tivo’d Oprah. The pajamas are all very cute, especially the ones with the rubber duckies on the pants. I’ve been ready, I tell you. And he is the one who gets it. Really?

He is drinking mint tea and eating toast, but Steve just doesn’t get the finer points of a good illness.

At lunch I suggested he might want to take a shower and change out of his robot pj bottoms and Tigger sweatshirt. He admitted he had been in them for three days. I thought a change would be good…for both of us.

After work I stopped for disinfectant wipes,  many cans of soup, more bread for toast, 7 Up, and tapioca pudding. And a magazine. GQ with Clint Eastwood on the cover (“Bad Ass of the Year”). When I walked in the house Alex said, “Mom, I don’t think I have ever seen him this bad before.”

I noted concern. This is why.

Here, let me show you the entire look. Keep in mind, this man is a professional graphic designer. He is paid for creating images and brands. And he’s really good at it. I promised him I wouldn’t show his face, so he could keep some dignity about the whole issue.

I believe if he met up with Clint the Bad Ass, Clint would be scared. Very scared.

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