sometimes being thankful is messy

I have been wanting to write a wonderful Thanksgiving post. Some of my Facebook friends have been writing one gratitude note each day. Other blog friends have lists of 100 reasons to be thankful. I wanted to do something clever and witty, with just the right amount of mushiness. ‘Cause I have plenty of reasons to be thankful, really I do.

The words thought this was a game of hide and seek. I kept hoping they’d show up between the grocery shopping, guest room preparing, car cleaning and mushroom stuffing.

This morning Steve looked out the window and said, “What in the world does Toby have now? Why, it looks like some yarn, or something like that.” He was calm, but puzzled.


Yesterday, I bought some lovely, heather-colored alpaca yarn to make a scarf for Kate. Despite the fact that I still haven’t learned to cast off, and I still haven’t learned to do anything other than knit (no fancy purling for me), the yarn bins beckon. I cannot resist.

Toby had gone into the bedroom, and pulled this out of the bag (which was on the floor, but still), and brought it to the backyard. This doesn’t bode well for the dog-peeing-on-the-Christmas-tree-again-this-year issue.

All I could think of was how annoying and messy he is. And yes, I called him a butthead. With my outside voice.

A while later, Steve was cleaning out the car and presented me with a container full of old vegetable soup (it had been at the studio for a little too long, and in the car overnight). As I went to wash it, I dropped it on the floor. The lid came off. Not as bad as it could have been. But messy, for sure.

Toby was there, thinking it was a treat. And cleaned it right up.

And I was a tiny bit thankful.

As I write this, Kate sent me this photo, titled “twins”. Her boyfriend, Brendan, took it while Alex was visiting in Vancouver.

Thankful I didn’t mess this one up, the two sisters. My girls.

Tomorrow we head to Aunt Pat’s at Squaw Valley, where being thankful for everything will be easy and wonderful and worth every delightful moment. The air will be clean and clear, the dinner will be yummy and the family will be fabulous and fun. There will walks and cocktails, games and music, and lots and lots of laughing.

And before dinner, we will stand in a circle, all twenty of us, holding hands, and we’ll give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, messes and all.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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