that’s why we call him bear

Or Tobert, when we’re feeling fancy French and cleverish.


Weekend report: Lots of magazine in the chair reading and falling asleep too early. Ikea kitchen planning (love the plan, and trying to be a grownup about waiting until after the holidays and spring tuition payment), Canada travel prep with Alex (boots, sweaters and a very warm jacket). Date night with Steve (seriously, the Freaky Edamame at Mikuni is all I need, especially when accompanied by a Cosmopolitan and a cute guy with a trim gray beard and artsy glasses).  Six hours on Sunday at a weightlifting competition (more fun than it sounds, seriously) and end of softball season party (seriously fabulous desserts).


(This is the same girl who has requested a Kitchen Aid mixer (blue) for her 16th birthday.)

What? You say there is no laundry, grocery shopping or vacuuming in the list? Hmmmmmm, perhaps a do-over is needed.


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