kim’s holiday gift guide | the mustache ring

And yes, this is going to be a regular thing. Because some stuff is just too good to keep to myself. And I knew you’d want to see this.

You think I am kidding, right? I sort of love this. And I am pretty sure Kate will too. She would call it ironic (her highest compliment).



Available From Melanie Favreau at Etsy. Except I may have lied, and it may be sold out. But don’t despair, there is always the mustache necklace.



I love me a little clever.  Especially when it’s right under my nose.

P.S. To my grammar geek goddesses (you know who you are), I did agonize over the correct spelling, alternating between moustache and mustache. I finally picked this one because it’s the same spelling used by the American Mustache Institute, and I am guessing they would be the authority. Just wanted you to know I did my homework.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to kim’s holiday gift guide | the mustache ring

  1. elle says:

    Good homework workin’, Kim.

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