aloha friday | haleakala national park

I still have a few more Maui posts. Saving them for Fridays, because we wouldn’t want to be on holiday all the time, would we?

We were still in Hana on our last full day in Maui. We didn’t think the drive to Hana was challenging enough (despite the t shirts that say “I survived the drive to Hana”) and we had heard that there was a back side drive around the other side of the island. Part of it was unpaved, some of it was full of potholes…all information was unclear. But it seemed like the adventurous thing to do. Besides, Uncle Bob and Aunt Brenda had done it a few days earlier, so we thought it would be no sweat.

We started the day at the Seven Pools, which is part of the national park. We’d been rained out on our earlier visit (post on hike to the waterfalls, in the rain and flip flops coming soon) and had a wonderful early morning swim. Then the drive….which was indeed spectacular, but required some skill, courage, praying and some under-the-breath cursing. It also included some sweat.

Kate put in a small request to visit Haleakala, Maui’s volcano, which was on our way, sort of.  Steve and I had one previous visit, about 25 years ago. We were picked up by a van at about 4:30 am, to make it in time for the sunrise (which I don’t remember) and then we rode bikes down the switchbacks, all day long. I remember parts of it. Today driving seemed adventurous enough.

Steve was sure the clouds meant we wouldn’t have a view, especially late in the afternoon. Our guidebook encouraged us to continue up the road, citing that the clouds are often a ring of clouds, and the view is wonderful in the afternoon.

The guidebook was right. The view was spectacular, and we had the place to ourselves. The edge of the world, or at least the moon.


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