here today, gone to maui

I have been waiting to write that all week.

Almost packed, almost done with work, almost ready to go on my 8th (really, 8th) trip to Hawaii. This one is a little event my Aunt Brenda and Mom cooked up to celebrate their birthdays. Mom and Brenda love swimming in the ocean, and the idea of having grandchildren and ocean swimming all in one place, for multiple days, is their idea of heaven. I suspect their idea of heaven includes their husbands grilling at the BBQ, and bringing them glasses of wine and plates of fresh fruit, too. But the grandchildren and ocean are key.

We leave in the morning (tonight to Steve’s folks) and will arrive in Maui tomorrow afternoon. Kate will arrive from Vancouver tomorrow evening. We’ll join Mom and Dad, Brenda and Uncle Bob, Cousin Wendy and her husband Mike and their three kids (one son 6 months older than Alex, two younger), Cousin Bob and his wife Margaret and their two daughters (one a year older than Alex, one a year younger) in two condos in Kahana. Down the road (coincidentally) will be Steve’s cousin Kathy, her husband Rich, and their three daughters, all Kate’s age.  I refer to this as The Cacophony of Cousins. Not many plans, except for an all day snorkel trip to Lanai, where our family will fill the boat. It will be loud, active, crazy and really, really, really fun.

We’ll have a week cacophonizing, and then our family of four will drive to Hana, and stay there for four days.

I have been stopping at the SPCA store every day for $1 paperbacks, have stocked up on magazines and sunscreen, we have golf clubs, snorkle gear, frisbees and smashball. Bananagrams and Mexican Train. Cameras and iPods. Did I mention books? And maybe a laptop or two. On principle, I am not taking any close toed shoes (except for running shoes). And books….lots of books. Cheesy, sleazy, cheap books.

My idea of heaven. See you on the island.

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to here today, gone to maui

  1. Elle says:

    As a book lover, how do you feel about the Kindle?

    And have fun in Maui! I’m jealous 🙂

  2. Grover says:

    I was certain I had left a comment a couple of days ago about us being on opposites of the world but I guess not. I hope that you, Steve and all the family are having a wonderful time. Your photos suggest you are. I love the rainbow but I really love the photo of the four of you in the boat.

    Travel safe.


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