The Tour

Our family love of the Tour de France has been documented here before. It’s our summer bonding moment that lasts for a month. Paul, Phil and Bob. The riders, too (yeah, I know it’s about them).  The scenery, the skill, the drama. Teamwork, crashes, finishes. Getting to watch TV during daylight hours. We love it all. We have books, magazines, hats. And one regret….not going to see the Tour when we were in Italy eight years ago. We went to the Swiss Alps instead, which was pretty amazing and incredible. But we missed the Tour, thinking “heck, we can go back any year we want.”

We Tivo it every morning and watch all four hours every evening. Well, a little less than four hours, thanks to Tivo.


I remember the last summer Kate was here, watching and realizing, “this will be the last time we get to have Paul and Phil and Kate all in one room.” I was seriously sad.

There are many, many things to list about the Tour, but it is 6:46 am, and I can’t do it justice. Either you love it, or you don’t.

I love George Hincapie. I am conflicted about Lance. Alex loves Tom Boonen, but is dismayed at his cocaine arrests, so is looking for a new love. She also loved Jan Ullrich in the past (and she is not conflicted about Lance, she knows exactly how she feels). We all loved Tyler Hamilton and his dog Tugboat, but he broke our hearts. Steve doesn’t have a favorite rider, and appears to save his love for the mountains themselves. And he might be a tiny bit conflicted about Lance, hard to tell, since he always thinks the best of everyone, no matter how many times they have won the TdF.

Two Sundays ago we came home from the wedding weekend, and Kate was with us. The only day the two girls would be in our home for a year. Walked in the door, greeted Toby and threw the hot dog. And then we turned on the Tour.

Paul and Phil and Bob. And my family. Eventually we all fell asleep, catnapping…sprawled on the chairs, the sofa and the floor. The boys were riding, the men were chatting, and we were together.

I loved it.

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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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1 Response to The Tour

  1. Happy says:

    I remember sitting at Hula Hut and watching Lance and Matthew M come guiding up on his boat and thinking, he can’t be all bad he’s hanging out with Matthew.

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