where were you when they landed on the moon?


I was 11, and we were on a family vacation. My brother Doug, the junior scientist, would have been 9, and Neal would have been 2.

We were camping, but Mom and Dad knew this event called for a motel and a TV, so we stopped in Red Bluff, California. Dad just reminded me that we took our infamous shortcut, nicknamed “The Barf Route,” to get there.

It was so hot outside, it felt like an oven. I couldn’t believe anyone could live in this. By the way, I have lived within a few hours of Red Bluff for about 32 years now (and I still wonder how we live in it).

It was too hot in the room, so Dad set up the TV in the doorway, and we watched from the pool.

Walter Cronkite and the moon.

There they were, on the TV, skipping across the moon, and here we were, in the pool, looking at the moon.

Afterwards we went to Foster Freeze for a Frostie to celebrate.

Defining for all of us (well, maybe not for Neal), but for sure for Doug.

Still love Frosties, and still love looking at the moon. The summer heat, not so much.

(A few more samples of moon landing comic book covers on my other blog, re:design.)

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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