while it was not hot

I am a little empty on the blog-inspiration today…but I did manage to get through the not hot day with some grace. When I saw that it was 102, I even heard a voice say, “Wow, it doesn’t feel that hot.” And that voice sounded alot like mine.

This is what else happened:

Inched closer to what could be one of the coolest ever studio projects. I mean coolest, meaningful, fun, enlightening, significant, will have an impact on my town, and possibly a teensy bit profitable. Will know next week.

Had a lovely lunch with yet another moving away friend.

Got a cute haircut.

Bought a dress for C+C wedding, and I’ve gone down a size! 60% off! To celebrate, I bought two.

To celebrate even more, I worked out after work.

Steve made dinner while I worked out (see two posts down on what a marriage is all about).

Top Chef Masters and So You Think You Can Dance.

Speaking of the dance around, I KNEW he was in Argentina doing the Tango.

A photo I art directed for FFH in India is in the New York Times, Small Business section. I was there!

Alex cuddled with me and held my hand. To enable that moment, I had to watch another installment of That 70s Show (her summer favorite, which I don’t understand, but she and Steve laugh hysterically), but it was worth it.

Carolyn is coming tonight, and I still don’t have the guest room ready. I am hoping she’s charmed by the airbed and sleeping next to Kate’s saddle and a tower of boxes.

Not so bad for a not hot day, eh?

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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1 Response to while it was not hot

  1. michael says:

    Kim–Gmail/Facebook/Twitter is blocked at my work so I am back to blogging.


    Still loving your blog and the fruit/salad photos especially.


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