ipody and ihusbandy goodness

Last week I discovered that I had outgrown my iPod Shuffle. It’s full of music no one else wants to hear (at least not in multiple song selections)….and just a little too much Neil Diamond, Carole King and Fleetwood Mac. I briefly fantasized about helping the American economy by asking for the green iPod for Valentine’s Day. I was pulled back to reality when I acknowledged that green wasn’t a Valentine’s color, and Steve brings me tulips, not gadgets.

And then I remembered we scored a free iPod for Steve when we bought Kate’s new computer last summer. And Steve has all of his music on his iPhone. So there was an extra iPod in the house. It was black, and not green, but free trumps all color choices (well, most color choices).

Except my music is on the old laptop. And it had an old operating system that needed to be upgraded before the new iPod would work on it.  And if there is anything Steve hates, it’s fixing computers.  It goes without saying that this was far beyond my technical (non)skills.

Sigh. It was never going to happen. We tried to make it happen on Monday, when we had free time and no stress. And it wasn’t working. I tried to not be needy, but I was disappointed.

Sigh squared.

I was tired and burnt out last night…still feeling the aftereffects of the dessert-fest on Tuesday (the bread pudding afterglow only lasted so long) and went to bed early. I had nothing to blog about today, and was bereft (yes, I was!).

This morning Steve got up and handed me my new iPod. With my music loaded. He had to do two system upgrades on the old laptop to make this happen. I am certain this took his several hours. I am certain he wasn’t happy about spending his evening doing this, after spending the day on the computer.

He didn’t say a word.

But I know in his heart he wanted to say, “Just go walk.”

And I will.

What a great start to a day, eh?

(Neil is still there, but I can see him coming, and pass him by when I need too. And that’s also a good thing.)


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