party like it’s 1994

I don’t love my own birthday, but I do love giving my girls birthday parties. I never understood the every-other-year concept, when you could do this every single year…well, at least until they are 15 (I do, however, totally endorse the every-other-year-concept for Christmas). We’ve had ’em all, the jumpy house parties, fairy teas, roller skating, rock climbing, bowling, slumber parties with do-it-yourself tie dye pillowcases. We’ve rented vans and spent the day in San Francisco, and rented hotel rooms at Embassy Suites for midnight swims. Kate celebrated her fifth birthday with a bike decorating parade, and Alex had a Project Trashway party for number 12. We’ve painted faces, treasure boxes, flowerpots and t shirts. And Steve has been involved in every one.

Alex fretted about her fifteenth birthday for months. First she wanted to take friends to Squaw Valley (an idea that was somewhat squashed when I told her we would be sledding, not skiing), or to SF (with a six friend seat belt limit). Finally, she decided on the UCD Bowling Alley  and a backyard campfire with Extreme S’mores. Ten girls, ear splitting noise for a few hours and plenty of sugar. Perfect.


Home birthday on Friday night. She asked for a dinner of linguini and clams, and cheesecake for dessert. We lit a fire and all watched Casablanca.


Prep for Saturday. And this is what makes the Extreme S’mores extreme.


Bowling, where it seems to be about grabbing the ball from the other person, sitting on each other’s laps, and taking pictures of each other on your cellphone. Unless you are a parent, then it’s about being invisible. We tried our best.


We came home for presents and the campfire. As an aside, the gift with the most glee was a poster of Obama. It was the Rolling Stone cover. I believe she said, “Dude, this is the coolest poster ever. I am going to put it up in my room next to the Beatles poster.” So we now live in a world where a fifteen-year old thinks it’s cool to have a poster of the President in her bedroom. I’m just sayin’, something has changed.


The campfire and s’mores were successful, though I believe that is a Cheeto, which wasn’t part of the original plan.  Their science teacher would be proud.

Teenage girls are fabulous. At least the ones I know. Funny, engaged, silly, caring, smart, and boisterous.

Clearly, something to celebrate.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to party like it’s 1994

  1. nicole says:

    Looks like loads of fun…hmmm Reese’s for smores? How extreme!

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