A Lucky Leap Day List

It’s Leap Day in a Leap Year. Somehow it seems I should be doing something special to celebrate. A few days ago I found a blog that collects lists of 100 things (be still my heart, a blog dedicated to lists…how cool is that?). Most of the 100 things are “100 Things I’m Grateful For”. I’ve been pondering this, and wondered if I could use this day to muster up a list of my own. Not sure if it’s a list of gratitudes, or a list of things that make me feel lucky, or things that I love….I’m just going to start, and maybe it will reveal itself along the way.

Every day, and especially today, I feel lucky to have:


1. Steve (major luck out on that one, 31 years and counting)

2. Kate and Alex (joy, joy, joy)


3. My parents, Bill and Jan (truly, two of my best friends)

4. Toby, the world’s most earnest dog


5. My town. I love Davis. Farmer’s Market, bike trails, a walkable downtown, Whole Earth Festival, trees, the green belt, Nugget Market, nice people, UCD…and a frog tunnel.

6. Spring days, like today.

7. My body. Despite the fact that I haven’t treated it well, it hasn’t given out on me yet.

8. The Sunday New York Times

9. This election. Choices…ah, such a good thing.

10. Tolerant, patient, loyal friends. Sorry, I shoulda moved you up in the list. Thank you.

11. Coffee. I love coffee more than almost any other food or beverage. Except for strawberries and German Chocolate Cake. But I don’t get to love those everyday. And I can’t even have a day without coffee.

12. Our studio. Steve and I keep recrafting and reinventing, so it’s a little different every day. But every day I sure do appreciate that we can work with our hearts and hands.

13. My passport. I got my first one when I was 22, and it has given me such a magnificent, colorful, textured, rich view. Nothing looks the same anymore.

14. A collection of Bonnie Raitt CDs. In my next life, I want to be her.

15. Gray Hair. When it’s kind of dark, I can pretend they are blond highlights. But I like the gray. It reminds me that I have done a little living.

16. Our dining room table. Steve’s grandfather made it. It’s beautiful and different from any table I have ever seen. So much of our life takes place around this table. Meals, computers, homework, wrapping gifts, writing notes, packing for trips, piles o’ stuff. And almost every night, a few candles.

17. My colleagues at Freedom from Hunger, who have allowed me to join them in their work to end world hunger, one woman, and one family at a time. I learn from them every single day.

18. Pajama pants. The world is a better place because I don’t have to wear real clothes all day.

19. Morning walks. While I protest and procrastinate, when I walk, I am happy. Feel free to remind me of this fact when I am cranky.

20. The extended Barbaria family (they also should have been moved up the list). Steve got married, they got me, and I got lucky.

21. Blue skies. I think I do appreciate this every day. Even the gray days have a teensy tiny bit of blue.

22. Running out of steam….I am about to be grateful for reality tv….but that is another blog for another day. So I will be grateful that I know when to stop.

Leapingly, lovingly yours,



About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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